which is the best town in bijnore

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your Suggestion will be more helpful to improve seohara website ......

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  1. Asim Zeeshan KhanApril 7, 2010 at 2:31 AM

    Dear Mr. Akhtar

    It was good to see blog site on Seohara. Appreciate your initiative. I believe following more could be done to impart more info on Seohara.

    1. List of Chairman(s) of Seohara
    2. You missed out Mohalla Muslim Choudhriyaan
    3. Some more info on Maulana Hifzur Rahman sb to be included. An academy under his name has been established in Jeddah to enlighten his vision on Islam and Indian Politics.
    4. Some pics of roads, mohallas, landmarks, the only movie theatre etc to be inserted as well
    5. Whos Who of Seohara....i believe that will lead to interaction amongst lost of ppl.

  2. Dear Akhtar Sb

    first i would like to appreciate your effort to make our town virtually present on the net. its realy a great experience to see this blog site about the lovely town. after a cumbersome scheduled work on net at least we can find out some space for us....

    i agree with Mr. Asim who suggested to include a detailed information about great Maulana Hifzur Rahman Sb

    another point i would suggest that is our agricultural treasures and about sugar production, which is among the leading ones in Asia.

    thanks n regards

  3. I have been gone through you BlogSpot seohara.bolgspot.com and it was so nice to see the website about our seohara, thank you so much for the effort to make seohara popular and convince to get information more about the small town soehara on internet.
    In this connection i would suggest to put some information regarding pathology lab in seohara, buy/sell property/land and cost as well.and for the same I will try get some information on the topic and will forword to you soon.
    Keep rocking, allah hafiz.

    Eng.Galib Ali.